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Revolutionize Your Sewing Experience
With Selfmade's Innovative Sewing Patterns

Selfmade Sewing Pattern

Selfmade Sewing Pattern

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Three Simple Steps to Seamless Sewing

Creating beautiful sewing projects has never been easier with Selfmade.

Our pre-cut, user-friendly sewing patterns streamline the sewing process into three simple steps.


Step 1 
Unfold and Detach

Begin by unfolding your Selfmade pattern. Each piece is pre-cut, allowing you to easily detach it from the rest of the pattern. No scissors, no pattern-paper preperation, no stress - just pull off the pieces.


Step 2
Prepare Your Fabric

After detaching your pattern pieces, lay them out on your chosen fabric following the instructions in our user-friendly guide. Once your pattern pieces are correctly positioned, simply cut along the edges to shape your fabric.


Step 3
Start Sewing

With your pattern pieces and fabric ready, you can start the most exciting part - sewing! Follow our step-by-step guide and watch as your creation comes to life.


Effortless Preperation

Pre-cut pattern pieces and printed seam allowances saves time and reduce the risk of errors, letting you dive straight into the creative process.

Try Before You Sew

The ability to pin the pieces together before sewing ensures perfect fit every time, minimizing waste and maximizing confidence. 

User-friendly Design

Clear symbols, markers and a great step-by-step guide, makes the pattern accessible for all skill levels, while the absence of unnecessary information keeps the focus on creating.

Enduring Quality

Made with high quaility non-woven fleece, the patterns are designed for repeated use. Built to last, they can be shared with friends and family or even sold as second-hand.


Ready, Set, Sew:
Pre-Cut Patterns For Effortless Preparation

We believe that your time should be spent on creativity and creating, not preparing. That's why our sewing patterns arrive pre-cut and ready to use, crafted from robust non-woven fleece.

Forget about the hassle of cutting out your own pattern pieces. This process can take anywhere from an hour to several hours depending on the complexity of the pattern and your skill level. By providing pre-cut patterns, we significantly reduce this preparation time, letting you dive right into the sewing process.

Additionally, our pre-cut patterns help to minimize the risk of errors that can occur during manual cutting, which can lead to time-consuming fixes or even starting over.


Tailor Your Creativity: Try It Before You Sew It.

Discover a new way to sew with Selfmade's 'Try Before You Sew' oppertunity. Our pre-cut patterns allow you to pin the pattern parts and try the design directly on your body or a mannequin before sewing. It's a hassle-free method to ensure a perfect fit every time, and it lets you make adjustments to suit your personal style. With this feature, you can envision your finished project and prevent potential errors, saving time and resources. Welcome to a more confident and personalized approach to sewing.


Craft with Confidence:
User-Friendly Designs for Every Skill Level

At Selfmade®, we've reimagined the sewing process to make it more accessible and enjoyable for all. Our sewing patterns feature user-friendly designs, complete with clear symbols, markers, and included seam allowances. But what truly sets our patterns apart is our exceptional step-by-step guide with colored illustrations.

Our guides are tailored to your skill level - whether you're a beginner, confident beginner, experienced, or fully experienced. Each guide offers clear, concise instructions and colorful illustrations to walk you through your sewing project. This means less time deciphering complex symbols and more time bringing your unique creations to life.

With Selfmade, you're not just buying a pattern; you're embarking on a well-guided sewing journey. Whether you're just starting out or have been sewing for years, our user-friendly designs and step-by-step guides are here to make your sewing experience smoother and more enjoyable.


Designed to Endure:
High Quality Patterns for Repeated Use.

Quality matters when it comes to sewing, and that's exactly what you get with Selfmade®. Our sewing patterns are crafted from robust non-woven fleece, ensuring durability and longevity. Unlike traditional paper patterns, our high-quality patterns withstand multiple uses without losing shape or clarity.

This makes them perfect not just for personal use, but also for educational settings. Teachers and tutors can use and reuse them as teaching aids in their sewing classes, benefiting multiple students over time. You can also share them with friends, family, or even resell them as second-hand, extending their lifecycle and promoting a more sustainable approach to sewing.

Investing in Selfmade® isn't just buying a sewing pattern - it's acquiring a durable tool that empowers you to create lasting projects.

Cutting-edge technology

It takes a lot to create the perfect sewing pattern. At Selfmade, we've elevated this process with a state-of-the-art machine that fuses laser cutting and printing technologies. This innovative system crafts each pattern with precision, delivering pre-cut pieces with clear symbols, markers, and seam allowances directly onto the non-woven fleece.


"In your hands you hold the power to create.
It's a sort of magic." 

Edith Head


Originating from Denmark in 1980, Selfmade® stands as a beacon of design excellence and innovation in the DIY and craft sector. Over our storied history, we've grown to 31 retail stores, meticulously curating a diverse catalogue of over 10,000 products that seamlessly marry function with aesthetics. As a proud Danish brand, our ethos is deeply rooted in Scandinavian design principles: simplicity, functionality, and a deep respect for the user. This commitment to design quality is evident in our newest product innovations, pushing the boundaries of traditional sewing patterns and offering unprecedented ease-of-use. With a firm belief that design is at the heart of every great product, we at Selfmade® constantly strive to elevate the crafting experience, ensuring that every interaction with our products is intuitive, satisfying, and delightful.

Our Team

Our team is a remarkable blend of passion and collaboration. Each individual is not only highly dedicated, pouring in endless hours and relentless commitment, but also epitomizes the essence of a true team player. This synergy of dedication and teamwork has been our guiding star, leading us to create a product that stands apart in its uniqueness. Through collective effort and shared vision, we've transformed our innovative ideas into a tangible reality.

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